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Last Cheese Standing

It happens every spring — we run out of Grayson, we run out of Appalachian, but the Mountaineer lives on. There’s a good reason for this: in fact, it’s what the cheese was designed for. Mountaineer is inspired by the famous Alpine cheeses of Europe, cheeses meant to store milk from the spring flush for the hard days of winter. While our other cheeses make their debut in the early days of summer, Mountaineer ages six months or more in our cellars before making its debut, tiding us through cool weather with a taste of better days.

Of course this has its drawbacks — we have to wait six months or more to find out just what kind of cheese we’ve made, a process made particularly agonizing when you’re trying to change something. Last year we revisited the Mountaineer, trying to find a way to deepen its alpine characteristics without losing its supple, mouth-watering texture. As we get further and further into last year’s Mountaineer, we’re finally learning that we are on the right track. And just in time — the first batches of this year’s Mountaineer are getting made this week, so come November we’ll be closer than ever to our goal of making a true American Original alpine!


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