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Named after the county we live in, Grayson was originally inspired by our visit to Wales and Ireland in 2000. As soon as we made the Grayson, we realized how deeply suitable a washed rind style was to our rich seasonal milk - and how key the affinage was to its unique flavor. It took years of trial and error, several more trips to Europe, and the building of a new cellar before the Grayson came fully into its own, but the result has been more than worth it: a cheese that both compliments our milk and reflects the terroir of our cellars.


Serving Suggestions: Grayson is a very flavorful cheese which stands well on its own but is also excellent with bread or dried fruit. It pairs well with a full bodied white wine and ins assertive enough for a medium red, but we feel Grayson is at its most excellent served with beer.

Cheese Care: Store cheese under refrigeration wrapped in the original paper. Avoid prolonged storage in plastic wrap or other non-breathing material, as this will kill the rind. It is normal for some mold to form on the surface of the cheese in storage; simply cut it away before eating. Always let your cheese come to room temperature before serving for its full flavor to develop.

Ingredients: Cultured raw milk, salt, animal rennet

Related Cheeses: Livarot, Taleggio, Reblochon


Tasting Notes: With its renowned reddish-orange rind and golden paste, Grayson is the classic example of a washed rind cheese. The texture is supple and fudgy, becoming silky as it warms; the rich, beefy paste is slightly sweet, with grassy, nutty notes and a solid earthy undertone.

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