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It's All About The Grass

Seasonal grazers and mountain pastures have been a key component of Alpine cheesemaking for centuries. Set high in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Meadow Creek Dairy has the same mix of high, rolling land and temperate climates. With a little time and a lot of management, our mountains have become a haven for sturdy, diverse perennial pastures.


It's All About The Cows


A seasonal grass dairy making farmstead cheese needs a very different cow than a conventional dairy farmer. Our quest for the perfect herd has led from our original herd of purebred Jerseys to New Zealand, France... and beyond.

It's All About The Milk

For a raw milk cheesemaker, the quality and integrity of the milk is essential. As a farmstead cheesemaker we have the luxury of controlling every step of the process. 


It's All About The Cheese


Each of our cheeses has its own original recipe and its own specialized make process; our seasonal raw milk means no two makes are the same. 

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