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When we imported our first true cheese vat from Holland in 2003, the representative taught us how to use it by making a batch of Dutch Gouda with us. That batch of cheese won us our first ribbon at the American Cheese society, but we struggled to replicate that initial success. We often say of our other cheeses that they are made in the cellar; a washed curd cheese is the polar opposite, a cheese that requires highly skilled cheesemakers and intense, hands-on attention in the vat. Our Gouda-style was sadly shelved. Now, with almost twenty years’ more cheesemaking experience under our belts, we’re ready to try again.


Cheese Care: Store cheese under refrigeration. Re-wrap cut pieces in cheese paper, wax paper, or plastic. It is normal for some mold to form on the surface of the cheese in storage; simply cut it away before eating. Always let your cheese come to room temperature before serving for its full flavor to develop.

Ingredients: Cultured raw milk, salt, animal rennet


Galax was named in honor of both our hometown and its own namesake, the milky-white flower of the native Galax evergreen. Our hope is to create a cheese as welcoming and friendly as our mountain home has been to us.

Tasting Notes: Aged two months or more in our cellars, Galax is a mellow cheese whose smooth, buttery texture brings out the natural sweetness of the milk. Tangy lemon and yogurt flavors give way to a touch of walnut nuttiness on the finish. The texture is pleasantly soft and springy, melting on the tongue.

Serving Suggestions: Galax is excellent on bread or with mild, fresh fruits. A superb melting cheese, it works wonderfully for any dish from grilled cheese to raclette. Well complimented by a Riesling or a Beaujolais Nouveau.

Related Cheeses: Gouda, Edam, Havarti

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