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It's All About The Cheese

We end the journey to great cheese where most cheesemakers begin — making the cheese. Each of our cheeses has its own original recipe and its own specialized make process; our seasonal raw milk means no two makes are the same. Unwavering attention to detail, decades of cheesemaking experience, and our hand-picked, dedicated team of cheesemakers keep our cheeses at a consistent level of excellence,  but every day brings something new to learn. 

From the cheeseroom, the cheeses go into our cellars, where they’ll be turned, washed, and watched over by our cellar crew until they’re ready for sale. Custom designed to provide the perfect environment for aging, our cellars host the unique blend of microflora that create our distinctive washed and bloomy rinds. Cheeses spend between two months and a year in this carefully crafted enviroment before we decide they’re ready to pass on to our customers. 


The end result? A cheese created from our grass, our cows, and our milk: a taste of our farm that can’t be had anywhere else.

Our founding cheese Appalachian is a lush, vibrant American original that showcases our land and our milk.


Aging the  Extra-Aged Appalachian to eight months transforms it into a lush, fruity cheese with overtones of toasted butter, and a delightful crunch.


Award-winning Grayson is a bold, flavorful washed rind with an earthy kick.


Highland Mountaineer is a sweet, complex Alpine-style that's a favorite with our European customers.


And our newest cheese Galax is a mellow, melting Gouda-style that's friendly to newcomers and cheese aficionados alike.

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