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Extra-Aged Appalachian

Our original recipe Appalachian has evolved a great deal over the years. At first it was sold as a two-month cheese, just like our Grayson: then we lengthened our aging time to three months, and then to four. When we experimented with doubling even that aging time we found it was not a just a better but a completely different cheese on our hands, with deeper, richer flavors under the same beautiful white rind.

appalachian extra aged.jpg

Cheese Care: Store cheese under refrigeration wrapped in the original paper. Avoid prolonged storage in plastic wrap or other non-breathing material, as this will kill the rind. It is normal for some mold to form on the surface of the cheese in storage; simply cut it away before eating. Always let your cheese come to room temperature before serving for its full flavor to develop.

Ingredients: Cultured raw milk, salt, animal rennet


Tasting Notes: This long-aged version of our original recipe Appalachian is aged for over eight months in our cellars. The extra age turns Appalachian into a lush, fruity cheese with overtones of toasted butter, with a mushroom earthiness that recalls the intensity of the cellars and a tangy, smooth finish. The texture is firm but velvety, melting on the tongue.

Serving Suggestions: Extra-Aged Appalachian is excellent on a cheese plate or on bread. Like many of our cheeses, it melts beautifully and can be used in a variety of dishes. Well complimented by a crisp white wine or smooth lager.

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