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While we have been making Mountaineer since our second year, this cheese truly came into its own after a trip to Europe in 2004. There we had the chance to taste the great Alpine cheeses of Valle d'Aosta and the Savoie and tour some of the amazing European aging facilities. In Europe, a true Alpine cheese can only be made at high altitudes. This crystallized our vision of what Mountaineer should be: a dense, complex cheese aged in the European style that reflects our own mountainous terroir.


Serving Suggestions: Excellent with figs or toasted hazelnuts, Mountaineer also pairs well with a Viognier or apple and pear ciders.

Related Cheeses: Comte, Abondance, Beaufort

Cheese Care: Store cheese under refrigeration wrapped in the original paper. Avoid prolonged storage in plastic wrap or other non-breathing material, as this will kill the rind. It is normal for some mold to form on the surface of the cheese in storage; simply cut it away before eating. Always let your cheese come to room temperature before serving for its full flavor to develop.

Ingredients: Cultured raw milk, salt, animal rennet


Tasting Notes: Aged in our cellars a minimum of six months, Mountaineer has a smooth supple texture that dissolves on the tongue. The complex flavor starts off buttery before deepening to a roasted nuttiness, mellowing into a rich, beefy finish with a touch of caramel.

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