Grayson is here!

Today is the day! We’re shipping the first wheels of rich, buttery spring Grayson out to shops across the country.

We’ve made more cheese than ever this year, and the cellars are feeling it!

As a seasonal grazing dairy, we plan our cheesemaking season to match the natural growth cycle of our grass. The cheeses, too, have their season, with the Grayson typically available from June to March.

Kristina and Jorge wrap Grayson in preparation for release.

This year’s “dry” spell has been long, due to the overwhelming demand for Grayson that put us out of stock significantly sooner than usual. But we have expanded production this year, and from our tastings of this season’s batches we believe we will have not only the most, but the best Grayson we’ve ever made available throughout 2014.

But don’t take our word for it… get out there, find some Grayson, and tell us what you think!

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