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Employee Profile: Nacho

Ok, maybe our next crew member isn’t exactly an employee….but Nacho is the life of the party around here and it would be tragic to leave him out. This soon-to-be big brother’s main job here is lunchtime entertainment.

What is your favorite food & beverage?

“Queso, peanut butter, agua.”

How many animal sounds do you know?

“Moo, bow wow, neigh, eeh-haw, elephant pfffff, dinosaur roar!, honk honk- you do the math!”

When you’re not entertaining the MCD crew, what do you enjoy doing most?


Which is the coolest: tractor, 4-wheeler, or truck?

“Tractor! Mow, rake, bale!”

Describe yourself in 3 words:

“Nacho hungry

Nacho wow!

Nacho allá (on the move)”


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