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A First Taste…

… of this season’s Appalachian!

Fresh from the cellar, this season's Appalachian is ready for its debut tasting.

We can change the make, we can watch the cellar, but in the end there’s only one test of our hard work that matters… how does the cheese taste?

What we were looking for in this year’s Appalachian: a more pliable texture, more influence from the penicillin in the rind, and all the delicate flavors that set Appalachian apart from beefy, aggressive Grayson.

And it looks like we’ve succeeded! This first Appalachian is a beautifully soft and supple cheese with all the flavors of spring: fresh cream, a light, lemony acid, and just a hint of floral sweetness. What a delight!

We’ll be releasing this lovely cheeses to retailers soon, so stay tuned!


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