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"Ugly Duckling" Grayson Wheels

"Ugly Duckling" Grayson Wheels

Washed rind cheeses are amazing, but they're also difficult to get right. Every fall, we end up with some Grayson that's pretty on the inside but ugly on the outside: it has all the right rich, earthy flavors, but a rind that's dotted with black or brown; wet, mealy corners; paste that goes brown within a few days of cutting; or other flaws that make it unsuitable for customers looking for a premium product. Too often, these tasty but grotty cheeses end up sad and alone on the compost heap.


Are you able to give an ugly duckling a good home? We offer these flawed beauties in whole wheel quantities only but at a 50% discount. Share it, eat it, try it in recipes like tartiflette



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