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Fairfield & Greenwich Cheese Company: Cheese Shop of the Month

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Our shop feature for August is Fairfield & Greenwich Cheese Company in Fairfield and Greenwich, Connecticut respectively.

How/when did your business start?

"We opened Fairfield Cheese Company in May of 2009 because we saw a need for a cheese shop in our community. Both Chris and I live in Fairfield. Chris had a catering business, and I had professional retail experience, so we partnered to open the shop. In 2014 we decided we needed to expand, and we opened Greenwich Cheese Company in the Cos Cob neighborhood of Greenwich, CT. Again, Greenwich did not have a proper cheese shop, so we filled the void." What's your philosophy/what sets you apart?

"Our shops focus on true artisan production. We try and focus on the smaller producers, particularly farmstead and raw milk cheeses. We feel true artisans need cheesemongers to tell their stories and get their cheese out into the consumer world. Education has been a key driver. We have educated ourselves, and in turn, we have worked hard to pass our expertise along to our customers. Many have little knowledge of cheese and how it is produced and don't know what makes certain cheese special and delicious. We are also cut-to-order; cheese is our main focus, with over 50% of our total sales being cut-to-order cheese." How did you discover/find/hear about our cheese?

"I remember reading about Grayson in one of Max McCalman's books when we first opened and was intrigued. I reached out to you guys directly, and along with Appalachian, it's been in the case ever since." What's your favorite cheese dish/presentation/or pairing?

"One of my favorite cheese dishes is the French dish called tartiflette. It's basically a potato, onion, bacon, and cheese casserole that hails from the mountainous Savoie region. Grayson works perfectly as a substitute for Reblochon, which is not really available in the US." What have you got coming up in the near future you'd like to share?

"We just made a long-time employee a partner in our business, which is super exciting. We wanted to try and ensure the future of Fairfield and Greenwich Cheese Company. We are also taking some customers on a trip to Paris next May. We've partnered with Cheese Journeys again to make that happen."


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