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Employee Profile: Randall

Help us welcome Randall to the team! Born in Hinsdale, IL and transplanted here at age 7, Randall enjoys travel, foraging in nature, and music. He’ll be rocking with us mainly in the cellars and shipping department and we’re delighted to have him.

How and/or why did you start working at MCD?

“I have always been interested in cheese. When I was young I would try cheeses from around the world. I quickly realized that I liked strong flavors. For years I wanted to learn more. Thanks to MCD I now have that chance.”

What is your favorite food & beverage?

“I enjoy food from many different cultures. When I was young I was very picky about what I ate, I quickly grew out of that. I now enjoy many different cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, and Indian. Beverages: I enjoy a cup or two of hot tea in the morning. I also like coffee and beer.”

Who was your fictional role model growing up?

“That was something that never existed. I was always fine with who I was back then and this is still the case today.”

What got you into the food industry?

“McDonald’s was my first job. I didn’t like that there was very little challenge. I eventually moved into pizza, where I stayed for many years. I wanted to learn more so I worked for Executive Chef Scott Waters at Winston’s Grille in Raleigh, which was a life changing experience. The drive for learning how to prepare proper food was at its peak, and I have that same desire today.”

If an alien landed in your backyard, what would you show them first?

“They would be tired so I would offer them food, drink, and shelter. I may have to call into work if this were to happen. 😉 Sorry Kat!”


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