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FAQ: How To Read Our Date Labels

Some questions we get often get asked by our vendors: “How old is my cheese?” “How long has my cheese been wrapped?” “This cheese doesn’t look like the last one I got — why?”

What many don’t realize is that the first two questions can be answered by looking at the sticker we put on the back of all our cheeses — and while the third may require contacting us, we’ll usually need the batch number and wrap date to help.


The first number listed across the top is the batch number. This tells you the type of cheese and the day and year it was made. For example, the cheese above is a Mountaineer (M), made on the 248th day of 2014 (September 5th, 2014).

Second is the wrap date. This is the date on which the cheese was wrapped for sale. Normally, this will be less than a week before the cheese is sent on to shops or distributors.

Finally, across the bottom is the wheel weight.

If you have any trouble with your cheese, it’s vital that you have the batch number and wrap date when you contact us. This lets us track the cheese so we can see when it was sold, where it was sold, and whether there have been any complaints about the batch. If you do have a problem, a concern, or simply a question, please contact us. We’re always happy to help!

(You can download a printable version of this guide here.)



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