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It's All About The Grass

Pasture diversity's not just a buzzword -- healthy pastures need nitrogen fixers like clover to keep growing. The only sure thing about the weather is that it's unpredictable, so keeping a wide range of grasses with a wide range of tolerances for heat, cold, and drought is essential.

Cows like young, succulent growth with plenty of nutrients. To keep that coming, we use Management Intensive Grazing (MIG), a system where cows are allowed on a specific paddock for only a short time. This keeps them from overgrazing preferred species, keeps the grass from getting too tall and tough for good grazing, and causes the grass to develop deeper, stronger roots, leading to pastures that grow stronger and better over time.

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A seasonal grass dairy making farmstead cheese needs a very different cow than a conventional dairy farmer. Our quest for the perfect herd has led from our original herd of purebred Jerseys to New Zealand, France... and beyond.

For a raw milk cheesemaker, the quality and integrity of the milk is essential. As a farmstead cheesemaker we have the luxury of controlling every step of the process. 


Each of our three cheeses has its own original recipe and its own specialized make process; our seasonal raw milk means no two makes are the same. 

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