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Say Hello to Mini Grayson

Meet Grayson’s baby sister! For the past two months we’ve been experimenting with a small version of our bestselling washed rind cheese — made from the same recipe but hooped into miniature hoops and washed in the cellars with Hardywood’s Singel ale. The result? These petit beauties. Their classic washed rind earthiness is complemented by the […]

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Summer Showers, Summer Flowers

After a damp and chilly spring, we’ve gone full-swing into a hot, rainy summer — and while the humans may not be too keen on it, the plants love it! It’s at this time of year that the farm’s diversity really shows, as the fields and fencerows go into full bloom. It’s a short but […]

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Grayson Release 2016!

It’s here!¬†We started shipping the first wheels of the new season’s Grayson on Monday. Look for it soon in a store near you!

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